Military Means Alone Will Not Solve the Problem

February 28, 2008 at 2:56 am

Defense Secretary Robert Gates delivered a message to Turkish leaders today that military means alone will not solve the problem of PKK resistance fighters in Northern Iraq.

Does this mean that the Bush administration has finally recognized that military means alone will not be enough to win in Iraq?

If so, this is a great progressive victory. Even if one being carried out by the current administration. It is too bad that if indeed there is such a shift, it will probably not be much publicized for political reasons.

Either Republicans staking too much on the success of the military (hence, the narrative about the surge working instead) or Republicans fearing a reply of “I told you so” from Democrats.

If Republicans are willing to shift strategies towards more diplomacy, we should give credit where credit is due.

Unfortunately, the diplomacy card might be in play because it suits our interests. That is, Turkey should be diplomatic because Iraq is our fight and we can’t risk destabilizing it right now. When it comes to what we see as terrorists in Iraq, however, we are not bound by such constraints. This hypocritical strategy would continue to undermine what little is left of our world credibility.

It is a great example, however, of progressive values being stated forcefully and acted upon. Take note, Congress!