Sure Signs Your AM Radio Talk Show Host is About to Explode

January 26, 2009 at 10:36 pm

I think El Rushbo is about to explode.

His rants are getting angrier and angrier and I think he’s starting to foam at the mouth.

His latest claim goes something like this: The Democratic plan has a very real chance of helping to stimulate the economy and create jobs and these people will then vote Democratic so Republicans must do everything possible to prevent a stimulus plan.


Did I hear him right? The plan might succeed and create jobs so vote against it. Just in the name of winning a political battle.

I can hear Rush sputtering as he struggles with his own “logic.”

Well, at least Rush is somewhat honest admitting that he could give a rat’s ass about the country so long as Republicans win.

And he’s raging against all his favorite targets. Listen for a second to Rush on Hannity’s show.

The culture, we’ve lost the culture, Sean. We have lost pop culture. It is unrealistic to expect, the people watching MTV going to see the rot Hollywood is putting up.

I’m worried for the guy.

And O’Reilly and Rove are about to join him.

They argued that there is a “conscious effort on the part of the New York Times and other liberal media” to make the financial crisis look worse just so that Obama could win the election.

The liberal media that is owned by companies like Disney, Time-Warner, Rupert Murdoch, and ClearChannel?

It’s getting harder and harder to understand them as they rage against everyone.

It can’t be long before they start to spontaneously combust from the contradictions.

“I have yet to see a happy liberal,” Rush rages into the camera without any sense of irony.

* sigh *

Rush claims that Democrats act like victims and then spends the next hour whining about how the media, Hollywood, the liberals, and all the other “non-Americans” are out to get them.

I really do hope he has some Oxycontin nearby. I’d hate to see him explode.