Purple is the New Red: Campaign Signs from SW Ohio

November 4, 2013 at 3:15 pm

I noticed something about the campaign yard signs as I was walking our dog the other night in our quiet neighborhood of Cheviot, Ohio.

None of them were red. This may not seem odd until you realize that Cheviot is in the heart of a district which Republican Steve Chabot won by 70,000 votes in 2012.

There was no way all the candidates here could be Democrats. Could they? What was going on?

 photo goedl-kinney_zpsd3d4ade3.jpg

My curiosity led me to the following informal survey of campaign signs in Southern Ohio.

My rules for the study were simple: I would take a picture of every unique campaign sign I saw. No exceptions.

After taking the pictures, I’d look up the candidates and their affiliations. Without further ado, here’s the results.


Here’s what I saw on my initial walk in Cheviot.

James Martin (R) and Katherine Kinney (D) are both running for Cheviot Ward 1 Council representative.

 photo james_martin_zps96daa6dc.jpg

 photo goedl-kinney_zpsd3d4ade3.jpg

David Goedl (D) and Joe Pahls (R) are running for Treasurer of Cheviot.

 photo joe_pahls_zpsae4c95b3.jpg

These signs were by far the most prevalent in Cheviot. The Democratic signs were white lettering on a blue background while the Republican signs were both blue lettering on white.

Deborah Slaughter is running for President of the Cheviot city council. I believe Debbie is a Republican but it was uncertain from Internet searches. What I do know is that there was a big controversy involving a local charity painting Debbie’s house.

 photo deborah_slaughter_zpse57d4bac.jpg

Pam Thomas (D) is running for Cincinnati city council. We can’t vote for her because Cheviot is outside of the city voting but we border the neighborhood of Westwood which is within city limits. So we see some city council signs. Especially on the main roads.

 photo pam_thomas_zps8b6760bc.jpg

Renewing the zoo levy was in green.

 photo zoo_zpse91ae333.jpg

Then finally a red sign. But it wasn’t for a Republican. It was to renew a library levy. Is this really Cheviot?

 photo library_zps0dbceeeb.jpg


 photo i_buy_guns_zpsdc5e6f14.jpg

I expanded my walk to see if I could find more and finally I ran into a sign which was more what I thought I’d see. Not paying for garbage. Now that’s a strong red Republican sign.

 photo garbage_tax_no_zpsc1ac3a3a.jpg

Where the blue signs repeated frequently (both Democrat & Republican versions) I could only find one of these red anti-tax signs.

This made me curious. Would red show up elsewhere in the Cincinnati area?

West Chester, OH – John Boehner’s district

My first thought was to look at the city of Cincinnati. But it wouldn’t surprise me if there was more blue in the city because it skews Democratic (see below). More interestingly, what would the landscape look like in West Chester?

West Chester is about as Republican as you get in Cincinnati. The big race going on in West Chester is for West Chester Township Trustee. Two incumbents (Catherine Stoker (R) and Lee Wong (R)) are up against two Tea Party challenges (Mark Welch (R) and Matthew King (R)).

Now this was more like it. Republican vs. Republican. It should be a sea of red.

The first sign I came upon was Mark Welch’s. Solid Democratic blue.

 photo mark_welch_zpsc7267814.jpg

Matthew King’s was in purple. He claims to be a strong fiscal conservative. In purple.

 photo matthew_king_zps09fcb919.jpg

Lee Wong’s was in Democratic blue as well. Interesting. At least he added the Republican elephant.

 photo lee_wong_zps1cd993f7.jpg

And Catherine Stoker’s in green. Another proven fiscal conservative. In green.

 photo catherine_stoker_zps406618cb.jpg

This was really surprising. No red from the trustee race. Not even from the Tea Party challengers.

Lakota School Issue

In fact, the most red I saw in West Chester was for the Lakota School levy. Both for and against signs were black, white, and red with the pro-levy signs outnumbering the anti-levy signs by about 2 to 1.

 photo no_lakota_zps4f4d2891.jpg

 photo for_lakota_zps8417bbea.jpg

Other signs seen in West Chester

In the spirit of showing all of the signs I saw, here are a couple others seen in West Chester. Jeff Newman is a Republican candidate for Liberty Township trustee and Shannon Hartkemeyer is a candidate for Fairfield Township Trustee.

 photo jeff_newman_zps74ebf4e9.jpg

Finally, a Republican in Republican red!

 photo shannon_harkemeyer_zps213605d3.jpg

Keep in mind this is anecdotal evidence. Still, for whatever reason, purple seems to be the new red in West Chester.

 photo purple_is_the_new_red_02_zps94a9a049.jpg

What does this mean?

It’s probably too small a sample to draw any real conclusions. Yet my guess is that Republicans don’t want to advertise too much that they’re Republicans lately. Or at least they seem to be trying to soften their image a little after the shutdown.

What are you seeing where you live?


Here’s the results from Cincinnati. Again, perhaps not as interesting as the more conservative Cheviot or West Chester because even conservative Republicans are going to play down their Republican-ness.

Cincinnati City Council

21 people are running for 9 spots on Cincinnati City Council. Here are the 17 signs I could find.

First, the Republicans: Amy Murray, Charlie Winburn, Melissa Wegman and Sam Malone. Only Charlie Winburn used a red which would make Republicans proud.

 photo amy_murray_zpsc695b896.jpg

 photo charlie_winburn_zpsc2760aad.jpg

 photo melissa_wegman_zpsce2c0685.jpg

 photo sam_malone_zps35f6b78e.jpg

Now Cincinnati itself, like many urban cities, votes largely Democratic within the city proper.

Many more conservative candidates run as Independents. Flynn and White are both technically members of Cincinnati’s Charter Party. The Independents won’t touch Republican red.

 photo chris_smitherman_zpsdfe44f7c.jpg

 photo mike_moroski_zps8e5b07f4.jpg

 photo kevin_flynn_zps851a3e10.jpg

 photo vanessa_white_zps3878ee5f.jpg

Then finally the Democrats. Interestingly enough, Yvette Simpson and Laure Quinlivan, both Democrats, have the most Republican looking signs.

 photo yvette_simpson_zps1e5490fc.jpg

 photo michelle_dillingham_zps7bbe2798.jpg

 photo laure_quinlivan_zps11767979.jpg

 photo david_mann_zpsd90d44a4.jpg

 photo pg_sittenfeld_zps5275e4a1.jpg

 photo wendell_young_02_zps4acd86ea.jpg

 photo greg_landsman_zpsb111f109.jpg

 photo chris_seelbach_zps797d8adb.jpg

Cincinnati Mayor

Now I didn’t expect the mayoral race to be any different because two Democrats are running.

It wasn’t.

 photo roxanne_qualls_02_zpsdcec2542.jpg

 photo john_cranley_zpsc85c6243.jpg

Cincinnati Public School Board

What about Cincinnati Public Schools?

Candidates for the CPS Board run as non-partisan candidates but are often endorsed and supported various groups. None of the candidates this year are endorsed by the Republican Party. Not surprisingly, school board candidates avoided red.

 photo elisa_hoffman_zps82b506e7.jpg

 photo ericka_copeland-dansby_zps304d20a2.jpg

 photo sally_ocallaghan_zps5152df65.jpg

 photo daniel_minera_zps3455ac4a.jpg

 photo betsy_shank_zps07c32d0f.jpg

This completes my anecdotal survey of campaign signs in Cheviot, West Chester, and Cincinnati. What does the campaign landscape look like where you’re at?

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