Does Barack “Need a Little Seasoning”?

August 27, 2007 at 12:46 pm

I went to see Barack Obama last night interested to see how he would deal with the question of inexperience. Recently, Senator Clinton has been hammering him on this issue, calling his remarks about meeting with the brutal leaders of Iran, Syria, North Korea, and Cuba, “naive and … irresponsible.” Once again, this brought up the only knock opponents seem to have against Obama, his youth and inexperience.

Barack Obama - Lexington Convention Center

Barack had an answer in his stump speech. He talked about how some had said he needs a little seasoning. His response:

“I’ve been in Washington long enough to know that I don’t want Washington to change me. I want to change Washington.”

This response plays to his image as an outsider looking to change the establishment. It doesn’t so much negate comments from people like Hillary, but it changes the view. After all, the past 7 years have been full of the most experienced people in Washington. And where has that gotten us?