MOTWA: Dennis Kucinich

November 17, 2007 at 2:39 am

For his refreshing honesty and crisp, genuine answers in last night’s Democratic debates in Las Vegas, Dennis Kucinich wins this week’s Message of the Week Award.

In this short clip, Dennis says that he voted against the Patriot Act because “he read it.”

“The President of the United States is called upon to make the right decision at the right time,” Kucinich said.

He then talks about how some people on the stage voted for the Patriot Act, the War in Iraq, funding the war, etc. and how they have since changed their mind.

“Just imagine what it would be like to have a President of the United States who is right the first time.”

The message is excellent because he calls into question the leadership decisions and the complicity of those who have went along with these decisions. Decisions that have been wrong for our country.

His voting record and principles provide strength to Dennis’ message in a way that other candidates lack. Kucinich has time and again voted his principles.

His website outlines this vision very clearly. The five points that are best framed:

  • Strength Through Peace
  • Survival of the Middle Class
  • A Sustainable Future
  • Securing Constitutional Democracy
  • Saving Capitalism

This would make an excellent blueprint for the progressive agenda.

Saving capitalism is a great way to frame progressive values as we believe that certain conditions are necessary for capitalism to work. Capitalism requires honesty and fairness. What happens if you cannot trust what you buy? Progressives also tend to believe in competition, small businesses, and accountability. And what happens when a company becomes too big? Under the right conditions, capitalism can flourish and benefit all.

I also think Kucinich does well to highlight his support of the middle class. These are the voters that are deserting Bush Republicans in droves as their policies are bankrupting America.

Now if only progressives would vote for who they like instead of who they think has the best chance of winning. Salon recently argued that he is the candidate progressives really love and Kucinich recently won a Democracy for America poll.

One of the biggest things progressives could do this campaign season is to talk about and vote for who we really believe in. Come on! It’s only a primary! What do we have to lose?

The message we should be getting out is that with the damage the current administration has done over the past eight years, all of our candidates look good. And they’re going to call the Democratic candidate a moonbat or bitch anyways. So why not elect the moonbat we agree with?