The World’s Best Worst Mini Golf Course

August 28, 2011 at 2:04 pm

For our summer vacation this year, we traveled to Inlet, NY in the Adirondacks. We were in luck as Old Forge has two miniature golf courses.

The first one was too busy so we played at the Over the Rainbow miniature golf course on Rt. 28  across the street from The Enchanted Forest amusement park.

We were glad we did as miniature golf courses have a certain mystique to them: one part kitsch, one part run down, and in this case, one part WTF.

I think you’ll see what makes this course worth a visit. Wait, was the Mad Hatter in The Wizard of Oz?

Over the Rainbow Mini Golf

First, we wondered which movie theme they were going with. Turns out it’s both. The front nine is Alice in Wonderland and the back nine is The Wizard of Oz.

Though we’re still not sure why the goose is coming out of the Queen of Hearts dress.

Playing with the Queen of Hearts

Is this homely girl with a goose sticking out of her dress Alice? Or is this Dorothy because she’s wearing red shoes?

Alice or Dorothy?

Our best guess: Goose + blue and white apron = Alice.

“Mommy, why is the something of clubs carrying a bucket of blood?”

Bucket of Blood

Indeed. And why are his elbows on the outside of his arms?

Tweedledee and Tweedle Fuck You!

Tweedledee and Tweedle-fuck-you!

You might have to click on the picture to see it.

Look! It’s Mr. Green Hat Guy Blue Jean!

Mr. Umm Green Hat

She’s got the dog so this must be Dorothy.

Dorothy and Toto

The yellow brick road. Oz needs more government transportation funding.

The Yellow Brick Road

A growl. A snarrrrl even.

The Lion

The Tin Man and the Flat Green Witch.

Tin Man and the Flat Green Witch

The Green Castle Clubhouse of Doom.

The Green Castle Clubhouse of Doom

This is where all of the bored summer help sit and do crossword puzzles and talk to their boyfriends when not handing out rainbow-colored golf balls to the children.


p.s. We won a free round of golf on the last hole so we’ll be back next year Over the Rainbow mini golf!