12 pics of #lovewins from the Kim Davis hearing

September 4, 2015 at 2:02 pm

We didn’t know what to expect when we drove down to Ashland, KY for the Kim Davis hearing. We figured the religious right would be there with their megaphones and hate signs. And they were. As were the media.

The pleasant surprise, however, was the number of equality supporters.

 photo kim_davis_00_zpsva40sals.jpg

Thought you might enjoy a few pics over Friday morning coffee.

Many were Christians.

 photo kim_davis_02_zpslrie98kn.jpg

The reverend rainbow preaching the gospel of love.

 photo kim_davis_06_zpsriinhylm.jpg

Soon to be mommies.

 photo kim_davis_09_zpshlqoxlyz.jpg

Some of the cast of Rent (September 17,18 in Ashland).

 photo kim_davis_05_zpsjhckovqg.jpg

Lots of rainbow colored people. Many from nearby Morehead State University.

 photo kim_davis_16_zpsra1ban35.jpg

Freethinkers. (I was with these guys.)

 photo kim_davis_01_zpsolajmb3n.jpg

Lots of good signs.

 photo kim_davis_07_zpsr8sdtmsn.jpg

We definitely won on humor.

 photo kim_davis_08_zpsu705biiy.jpg

Lots more people who took the high ground in front of the court house.

 photo kim_davis_11_zpspty3wvpb.jpg

 photo kim_davis_15_zpsgmvqoczd.jpg

The media were also out in force. Here, they’re out back hoping to catch a picture of her being taken to jail.

 photo kim_davis_12_zpsromgyrs8.jpg

And hopefully … the next generation of fighters.

 photo kim_davis_14_zpsgnboirpn.jpg

Thank you, Ashland, KY! We have to say we greatly enjoyed you and hope to be back soon.

 photo little_book_sm_zps7eb5e66a.jpg David Akadjian is the author of The Little Book of Revolution:
A Distributive Strategy for Democracy